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Torrefazione Il Caffè Ambrosiano

An artisanal roaster and coffee shop with an established presence in the heart of Milan.

In a classic „ottocento“ building in Milan’s Corso Buenos Aires that could be mistaken for an antiques shop if it weren’t for the smell of coffee and pastry, Il Caffè Ambrosiano has established an exceptional reputation over the last 30 years. Its espresso, croissants (which the Italians typically call „brioche“) and soya milk cappuccino are almost legendary.

It’s a place where the local Milan crowds gather for a coffee break and that receives enthusiastic reviews on travel websites (from tripadvisor.com to luxury guide hautecompass.com) and coffee gourmet websites alike. Ambrosiano is among the names featured on many of the recommendation lists for „the best coffee in Milan“, where we believe it rightfully belongs.

This café roasts and sells their own coffee blend under the name of Il Caffè Ambrosiano. The reputiation of this coffee blend has grown beyond the confines of their own café and is now served in many other good bars in Milan, and we’re proud to be able to offer it to our readers. 

The now cult Il Caffè Ambrosiano brand was created in 1981 by Antonio Caron in Seregno, a small city in Lombardia, where he opened his first coffee roasting shop. Today his son Luciano leads the company that now runs 12 shops in and around Milan. 

Il Caffè Ambrosiano take extraordinary pride in their total dedication to the traditional Italian espresso roasting and blending recipes. With a combination of artisanal know-how and modern equipment, they have delivered a high quality blend with consistent taste characteristics throughout the years. 
Miscela Extra

Miscela Extra

Il Caffè Ambrosiano
Whole beans, 500g
11.00 GBP