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Qualità Oro

La Genovese
: 80% Arabica, 20% Robusta
: Espresso Italiano Certificato, Gold Medal International Coffee Tasting 2008, 2010.
: Not disclosed
: Whole beans, 1kg

This coffee blend delivers a rich combination of chocolate, dried fruit, flowers and fresh fruit and a spicy flavor. A very balanced cup, with elegant and persistent aftertaste. This is the first blend of La Genovese that received a Gold Medal for best Italian espresso at the International Coffee Tasting competition – in 2008 – and then again in 2010.


Chocolate, dried fruit, flowers and fresh fruit with a spicy flavour.
20.00 GBP per Whole beans, 1kg
Out of
Puro Arabica Kenya AA Washed

Puro Arabica Kenya AA Washed

La Genovese
Whole beans, 250g
6.90 GBP
A coffee of intense fragrance, velvety body, a peculiar and exquisite acidity.
Qualità Royal

Qualità Royal

La Genovese
Whole beans, 1kg
21.00 GBP
The second blend from La Genovese that was presented with the Gold Medal for the best Italian espresso blend.