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Caffè Rojto

A local, family-owned roaster serving the best Milan bars and cafés for over 50 years.

Established in 1961 in the small town of Vercelli near Milan, Lombardia, Rojto is a well known and respected coffee roaster among bar owners in northern Italy, from the Ligurian coast in north-west to Val d’Aosta in the north-east

The Ferri family of entrepreneurs have owned the company since 1986 and have y grown the business by carefully managing the product quality and remaining true to traditional Italian espresso blends.

This dedication to tradition is evident in their products such as „Miscela Special“, a best seller of Caffè Rojto, that is produced has been produced in the same way for over 50 years.

Caffè Rojto have invested in production quality throughout the years. They use a sophisticated and modern roasting technology where the coffee beans are heated by an influx of fresh hot air and not directly by the flames of the gas burner.  This prevents the beans and combustion gases coming into contact and preserves the purity of the coffee flavour.

Caffè Rojto is used in some of the best bars and restaurants in northern Italy. Most notably, they supply coffee at the new-wave Pavé bistro and bar in Milan that has been recently taken a leading position of the Gambero Rosso Bar d’Italia ranking.

Caffè Rojto are a true hidden gem – they are a local, traditional Italian coffee roaster who are very little known outside the world of coffee specialists in northern Italy, but well worth the expectations of a demanding clientele worldwide.
Miscela Special

Miscela Special

Caffè Rojto
Whole beans, 1kg
21.00 GBP
The classic coffee blend from Rojto, produced with the same recipe for 50 years. Balanced and harmonious.