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Miscela Paradiso

Caffè Putto
: 100% Arabica
: Eccelenza Artigianale Piemonte
: Central America
: Whole beans, 1kg

Paradiso is a blend based exclusively on Arabicas from Central America, both natural and washed, of which the latter are stricly high-grown – hard bean. The combination of four distinct origins allowed Putto to create a particularly captivating blend, balancing each others’ acidity and structure, and merging together to form an extraordinary experience. It is 100% Arabica, so the crema is relatively light which is typical of this type of coffee. The flavor is delightfully sweet and delicate, the taste is full, well rounded and extremely palatable.


Sweet and delicate flavor, full taste, well rounded and extremely pleasant.
19.50 GBP per Whole beans, 1kg
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