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Miscela Due Puttini

Caffè Putto
: 70% Arabica, 30% Robusta
: Eccelenza Artigianale Piemonte
: Central America, Asia
: Whole beans, 1kg

Due Puttini is definitely a favourite, the most loved and appreciated blend of the Putto house. Nobody is quite sure why this is: it may be the intriguing taste, or possibly the musicality of its name, or its appealing packaging. For whatever reason, this blend represents more than half of Putto coffee sales. The choice of combining three types of Arabica from Central America with two different types of Robusta both from Asia creates without doubt the right balance between the sweetness and smoothness of Arabicas and the structure and decisive taste of the Robustas. Of the three Arabicas, one is natural, and the other two are washed high-grown; the two Robustas are natural respectively washed. In the cup the flavor is intense and captivating, the crema dense and persistent although not excessively thick, the taste is full and rich.


Intense and captivating flavor, full and rich taste.
18.00 GBP per Whole beans, 1kg
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