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Caffé Malabar

A very local Piedmont roaster with a strong 1950’s „italo swing“ feeling. 

When founder Marcello Costa chose the „Malabar“ name for his coffee company in 1952, it was not necessarily because of the origins of his coffee (Malabar is a prestigious coffee growing area in the South-West of India). The story is that he chose the name mainly because its sound evoqued the world of cabaret, which Marcelo saw as a place that epithomized the excitement and joy that his coffee brought.
After having aquired a great reputation for coffee quality, Marcello Costa wanted his coffee brand to be deeply connected to the pop culture of the day – and that, in the 50’s Turin, meant the swing italo-americano.
Marcello enrolled Turin-born Fred Buscaglione, a classic Italian swing music star with a Clark Gable look, to represent the brand in advertising, and this association is still remembered by Italians today. Fred Buscaglione had became famous with tunes like „Love in Portofino“, „Che bambola“, „Guarda che luna“ pretty much at the same time when „Tu vuoi fa’ l’americano“ sung by Sophia Loren brought his contemporary Renato Carosone world fame.
Caffè Malabar is a classic Italian post-war success story and trying to keep its heritage alive. The brand stayed connected to the Italian „golden post war times“ in a way or another until this day, when it still calls itself „il caffè che ti da lo swing“ („the coffee that gives you the swing“).
Beyond its roots in the Italian pop culture, the reputation of Caffè Malabar is actually built on the genuine quality of its coffees. Prestigious, award winning bars in the Piedmont region choose Caffè Malabar for its exquisite blends. But in tune with the contemporary trends, in addition to its classic blends, the company offers two special gourmet lines: Indian Malabar, a single origin coffee that honors the birthplace of the company name, and Chiccheria, a very exclusive Arabica blend.
For the coffee enthusiasts who look not only for a top quality product but also for a sentimental trip to the post-war Italy, Malabar is a great choice.
Indian Malabar

Indian Malabar

Caffè Malabar
Whole beans, 250g
11.00 GBP
A prestigious, Malabar-based blend of Arabicas.