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Beans vs. Ground


Why Caffè del Bar only sells whole beans?

We’ve received many questions from our readers who are intrigued to know why they can’t find ground coffee in our shop. We’re proud to answer that this is a deliberate choice.

The reason is simple – it concerns the quality of our product and how it invokes the atmosphere of a true Italian bar experience.
Ground coffee has a much larger contact surface with the air compared to beans, this means that the aromatic volatile oils that hold the coffee flavour evaporate more quickly once coffee is ground. This is why freshly ground coffee smells so much stronger than the whole beans. That beautiful smell of freshly ground coffee are these aromatic volatile oils that fill your kitchen, but is also flavour that doesn’t make it into your cup.

Ground coffee loses a substantial part of its flavor as soon as 15 minutes after it’s been ground. The valve on your ground coffee bag may have retained some of that flavor before it reached your home, but once opened, the loss of flavour is rapid. The flavour of the coffee you drink will suffer. 

This is why we recommend you buy coffee as whole beans, store it in a dark, dry place at normal room temperature, and grind only small quantities for immediate use. This is what every good Italian bar does. There are many secrets to the fantastic quality of espresso in Italy, but this one is no secret at all. Because of the high consumption of coffee in good bars, they get frequent deliveries of small quantities of coffee beans. The coffee has not spent much time in storage at the roaster or at the bar. Good bars will open a bag, place the beans into the grinder next to the espresso machine, and grind enough for a few espressos. Whatever they grind they use almost immediately and so the focus is on freshness and flavour rather than convenience.

We believe this process is part of the Italian espresso experience, which is what we are passionate about bringing to you.

Your Caffè del Bar team