The best Italian coffees,
from the best Italian cafés.

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Interview: Paolo Giribuola of La Marzocco

September 16, 2015 Sharing thoughts from 20 years of experience in the world of Italian bars.

Getting the best from an Italian roast

June 16, 2015 We spent some time doing a little tasting session with Scott Colfer, coffee blogger and friend of Caffe del Bar to see how to get the very best out of an Italian roast.

Mad about espresso

June 9, 2015 ​Why even Italy’s modest cafés serve better espresso than anywhere else

The Robusta bean - Part 2. Tasting.

May 25, 2015 We have tasted and compared Robusta and Arabica coffees, and this is what we found. This is not an exhaustive or professional cupping, but is a record of what we experienced with a range of great coffees made by equally good baristas.

The Robusta bean - Part 1. Context.

May 21, 2015 Almost all premium coffees, from high street to gourmet third-wave, are made with Arabica beans. This is an almost expected mark of quality, but far from being distinctive, it has become expected. However, the Robusta bean, when considered and used properly can make a great single origin or coffee blend.

Interview: Dott. Pierluigi Milani

April 10, 2015 We sat down with the man behind Caffè Milani of Como. Over 40 years in the coffee business and going strong.

Espresso vs. The Capsule

April 6, 2015 We spent a morning with Alessandro Vettoretti from Caffe Milani and discussed many things, including the differences between espresso and coffee capsule products.

Flavours, coffee seed maturity and trends

March 20, 2015 Until the seeds are ripe we shouldn’t dream of an appealing flavor, and we shouldn’t expect a rewarding tactile or taste sensation. 

The making of Caffè del Bar

November 25, 2014 We’re not going to hide that we’re biased here. We love Italy and we love coffee. 

Beans vs. Ground

October 28, 2014 What we have learned about using coffee beans vs. ground coffee from the cafes and roasters we have visited.